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The Adventures of Space Buns

“This book is so cute, I love it and so do my kids! I can’t wait more adventures!”

“Space Buns is a great kids book, filled with truth about the separation for both parents, and their kids, on Day Care days.”

Praise for Space Buns

“My kids loved the book, but I also thought it was cool how Wyman shares her own personal story in the back - specifically for the adults reading this to their kids. It was nice to see how she’s struggled with the same things I struggle with, and I think all parents do. I really appreciate that from the author.”

Praise for Space Buns

“As a parent, I can totally relate – every day seems like a struggle to drop your kids off, and some days its super easy, but it’s always different. Wyman hit’s it home in the feels for sure!”

Praise for Space Buns

“Day Care isn’t easy, but Space Buns makes it easy to relate, and my kids loved the story! Thanks Space Buns!”