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Access to Lauren Kaye Novels has been provided by the company/organization for the benefit of the company/organization and its customers.  It allows consumers to connect to information resources provided by the company.  Every voluntary member has a responsibility to maintain and enhance the company/organization’s public image, and to use the Internet in a productive manner.  To ensure that all members are responsible, productive Internet users and are protecting the company/organization’s public image, the following guidelines have been established for using the Internet.



Members accessing the Internet are representing the company/organization.  All communications should be professional, friendly, and constructive.  Members are responsible for seeing that the Internet is used in an effective, ethical and lawful manner.  



The Internet should not be used for personal gain or advancement of individual views.  Solicitation of non-company business, or any use of the Internet for personal gain is strictly prohibited. Use of the Internet must not disrupt the operation of the company networks of other users. 



Each member is responsible for the content of all text, audio or images that they place send over the Internet.  Fraudulent, harassing or obscene messages are prohibited.  All messages communicated on the Internet should have your name attached.  No messages will be transmitted under an assumed name.  Users may not attempt to obscure the origin of any message.  Information published on the Internet should not violate or infringe upon the rights of others.  No abusive, profane or offensive language is transmitted through the system.  Members who wish to express personal opinions on the Internet are encouraged to obtain their own usernames on the other Internet systems.



Copyrighted materials belonging to entities other than this company may not be transmitted by members on the Internet.  One copy of copyrighted material may downloaded for your own personal use in research.  Users are not permitted to copy, transfer, rename, add or delete information or programs belonging to other users or to to the company (Lauren Kaye Novels).  Failure to observe copyright or license agreements may result in disciplinary action from the company or legal action by the copyright owner, L.K. Wyman. 



All messages created, sent or retrieved over the Internet are the property of the company, and should be considered public information.  The company reserves the right to access and monitor all messages and files on the computer system as deemed necessary and appropriate.  Internet messages are public communication and are not private.  All communications including text and images can be disclosed to law enforcement or other third parties without prior consent of the sender or the receiver.



Harassment of any kind is prohibited.  No messages with derogatory or inflammatory remarks about an individual or group’s race, religion, national origin, physical attributes, or sexual preference will be transmitted. Violations of any guidelines listed above may result in a permanent ban of membership.  If necessary, the company will advise appropriate legal officials of any illegal violations.