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Products sold via Lauren Kaye Novels are subject to return, under the following circumstances: 


1. Damage during shipping. (Must provide photos of damage upon receiving the product.) 

2. Damage to product contents. (Must provide photos of damage upon receipt of the product.)

3. Inquiries for return will not be granted after 15 days of receiving the product. 

4. Please specify if you are looking for a replacement of the item, or a refund so we can determine the best options for you. 





Missing Items

If you did not receive your items, please contact our customer support to look into your order immediately. You may do this by submitting an inquiry on the main page Contact form.


Lost/Stolen Items

In this day, with online shopping on the rise, there are more packages being delivered to our doors on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis. It is up to the consumer to ensure their packages are retrieved in a timely manner after delivery has taken place to best avoid theft. Lauren Kaye Novels is not responsible for lost/stolen items, however further concerns can be inquired about by using the websites main Contact form.