I started dating my husband when I was 15, however, we had met long before that. 7th Grade, tech class, where we had to build toothpick bridges as a form of how much weight distribution our bridge could hold. Never would I have thought in a million years that us being in the same group would one day translate into husband and wife. 

The day he asked me to marry him, we were about 6-8 months moved into our first home, and he had asked me, "If I were to propose, what would you want me to do?" and not thinking of it at the time, I remember telling him I wanted it to be just me and him. I didn't want a grand gesture in front of a bunch of people in a public place, and I didn't want it in front of my family; just us, the way it had always been, and the way it had first started. 

He proposed to me after midnight, aligning our hallway with tea-light candles, roses, rose petals, all of which trailed a path to our living room where he was standing, in all black. Nice shirt, nice shoes, holding a rose waiting for me. 


We had our wedding with our friends and family, where I wore a tea-length dress, danced to "Nothing Else Matters" as our song, and rode away on a motorcycle - one of the best nights of our lives. 

It wasn't until we had been married for almost a year that I had considered children and really thought about me and my husband having a family. While at first, it scared us to think about being parents, eventually we agreed, and I got to surprise him when I found out I was pregnant with our first baby. 

We found out it was a girl, and named her after our dear friend, and incredibly talented artist, Saraloni (sara-law-knee). Most people say it like "sara-low-knee." Cl,early it was not my intention for my daughter's name to rhyme with pepperoni, but it happens. 

She was born on May, 29th 2017 (on Memorial Day) late at night after I had been in labor for almost 24 hours, and that was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life, by far. 


The inspiration in which I write comes from our love story. What its like to meet someone, at a young age or not, and know what that love feels like. How a relationship blossoms over time, and all the memories you share. It comes from being a parent and understanding the protective instinct in what you would do for your child come hell or high water, and how fierce that love is. It comes from the want of being a great mother, and the example I have in my husband of being a great father. These aspects transcend throughout all my characters and their journeys. My inspiration comes from the heart of my family. 

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