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A Retelling of Swan Lake

Get swept away in magic, dragons, evil, and worlds far beyond the mortal imagination. 

Praise for Odette

"Odette" is a hauntingly beautiful re-telling of Swan Lake. The book captures the magic of the classical tale, with well-painted scenes of their struggles through pain, joy and love. It holds more thrill than in the way many of us have heard the tale in childhood. Overall, "Odette" makes for a wonderful read, written in a language that speaks to both teens and adults alike. It is great classic transformed into a story for the young adult reader. If this is the intention of the author, she has certainly hit the target on its mark.


Maria Beltran, Reader’s Favorite

Praise for Odette

This is not a story I expected, but I can't say how pleasantly surprised I was by the literary skill of a new author in developing her characters with such three-dimensional appeal. The reader will find herself (or himself) immersed into a fantastic world of love, sorcery and adventure that leaves you yearning for more. I'd love to read more books by this extremely talented young force in this style of fiction/fantasy. Very well done!


Diane M. Sewell

Praise for Odette

I loved it! I just love how Wyman writes Odette as a strong heroin rather than frail and helpless princess. She not only builds the characters we know and love, but builds their back story. I loved reading how Odette and Gabriel meet and grow up together, and in a way, feels as if you grow up with them and build a relationship with the characters. There's so much magic involved and I think Wyman truly captures the beauty in this timeless, classic Fairytale and brings it to life for modern readers.

Miranda Bryant