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Dear Kids: Entry 26


You're getting so big! STOP GROWING. You're officially crawling and in no time, you'll be walking - It's amazing how fast time flies when you're watching a baby develop, oh my god! No wonder my parents look at me, and think "You're going to be 27? I'm getting old." I can't even imagine you being 27, and I've come to the agreement that you will just forever be my baby no matter what age. Sorry, not sorry.

At first, you crawling was more of a scoot across the floor, and you would just drag your little legs behind you, like an army soldier. Now? You actually use your arms AND legs to try to get to where you're going. You can sit up all by yourself, but now you're also pulling yourself up on things. You're not even 8 months old yet - Can you calm down on the whole "I want to walk" thing? Not only that, but you're actually eating now - and not like a full-on meal, but you're favorite right now is warm oatmeal. You get so excited about it, and you're adorable little face lights up, and then you're full and can play and roll around on the floor without freaking out. Watching you grow and meet all of your little stages are some of the best things your dad and I have been able to experience, and I truly do appreciate being your mother.

One thing that your dad and I did for the past two weeks, was had a date night on Saturday while you stayed at your grandma's house. The first one, we went and had dinner at a fancy steakhouse called The Keg, and we don't even have pictures to prove it! Needless to say, that's not important - Whenever your dad and I are together, we rarely have pictures because we're too busy having fun with one another and enjoying our little moments. The second one, we got to go to a friends wedding and danced like a bunch of idiots and parents who CLEARLY don't get out enough. We had fun - but, that was the first set of dates that we had in almost 7 months of having you.

Everyone says it's important to reconnect with your husband or wife, especially after having a baby, because all of your focus is put into keeping a tiny human alive. What? I have that responsibility now? Yup, I sure do, and if I mess up its most definitely my fault!  What your dad and I didn't fully realize was that when you were finally at your grandma's house, and it was quiet, and we didn't have tiny hands pulling at our pants or slapping our feet, falling over while we tried to get ready, that it was weird. Instantly, the house became boring, and we both looked at each other and said, "I miss my baby." Your little life, even at 7-8 months of being here, has truly taken over every aspect of our being. We don't even know what it was like before you, and we asked each other what we thought we'd be doing at that very moment if the baby wasn't here. I said, "I don't know, staring at each other?"

But it was good for your dad and me to get out again - it reminds us why we started loving each other in the first place, and the ability to carry on a full-length conversation without getting in our "high pitch" voice and tickling you to entertain you for five seconds haha. And after all the dancing was done, and acting like idiots in the cold, your dad and I got french fries and ice cream cones on the way home before we picked you up, laughing and joking around just as we have for all these years.

One thing we talked about on these last two dates was something that has us truly dumbfounded in how the universe tends to work, which is, that we are each other's designated person until the end of our time here on earth. We somehow came together and found each other at such a young age, through all our growing, our personal crap we've gone through, we still found fire, fun, and love within the other person. We give each other resilience that neither of us knew we had. And now, in 2018, we will have been married for 3 years, but together for 11 years - with this just being the start. Life continues with you as a first baby, and maybe someday a sibling on the way for you and for us to complete our little family, but that we formed a small little forever union with the confines of our relationship, and trust in one another. Out of one giant universe, and so many galaxies, with all these stars in between, planets, moons, and millions of people, we found and decided on each other in one shining moment at the age of 16.

And you, our glorious little girl, are still the highlight of our life with all these things in mind. I hope you know one day how much you truly mean to us, knowing how much your dad and I mean to each other. In the end, you are our joy, our hearts, our excitement, and all our sarcasm and good humor rolled into one little person.

Always remember to reconnect with those you love. Work isn't the most important thing, neither are all your friends in the whole world, or even if you one day take on the large task and reward of having a family - As cliche as I've heard this from everyone who has ever given me relationship advice over the years, get back to basics, and spend time with the one who will be your forever-person, and spend time with your family.

<3 Mom & Dad

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